Snowmobile Maintenance Tips

It's our favorite time of the year again and if you, just like us, are a snowmobile enthusiast, then you should be aware of a couple of important steps that will keep your machine in good shape and would ensure your safety better, while on the track. Here is our list for the top items that everyone can check and maintain by themselves, without having a lot of technical knowledge:

1.Chaincase Oil – The fluids in the chaincase must be regularly checked and changed as quite often water and snow penetrate into the case while riding, as well as small metal pieces from the chain and the sprockets. On most of the snowmobile models, it should be fairly easy to do this operation by yourself. The models that are from 1990's have a drain plug, however some other machines (such as SKI-DOO REV-X models) have a chaincase cover that must be removed.

2.Chain Tension – After changing the chaincase oil, next on the list would be to check the chain tension, as it is extremely important when it comes to the safety of the rider. Make sure that there are no loose parts on the chain because this might lead to skip and grind on the sprocket, that may fail the whole machine. If you think that something is not right, better contact your local dealer for further advice.

3.The Hyfax – That is the slippery surface part at the bottom of the suspension rails for the track to slide against. It is a subject of wear and tear therefore, it would be a good idea to monitor the wear extent. If the hyfax is worn out, it might cause damage to the track and rails. Look for a wear limit line on the outer edge of the hyfax. If there is less than about 1/8 inch of hyfax material under the line, it's highly suggested to replace it.

4.Greasing it – It is highly recommended to apply some fresh grease on the Rear and front suspension, the steering components and the drivetrain. Also, grease the driveshaft and jackshaft bearings so not to have a failed bearing that will leave you stuck for hours in the mountains. It is a fairly easy manipulation and you are ensuring a longer life for your machine.

5.Wear Bars – Make sure to regularly check whether the skis have good wear bars underneath that will be able to withstand in case the sled meets low snow conditions, which is highly likely at the beginning of the season. There should be cutting carbide on each bar. Replace the bar if all carbide is nearly gone.

6.Check illumination - It is essential to have your front and rear light working fine, so that tail drivers can see you in the dark. This simple thing is something every rider can repair with no professional help.

7.The Battery - Last but not least important, it is necessary to have your battery regularly checked by professionals and changed every 2-3 years. Of course, the battery life cycle depends on your driving style and on how often you ride and just so to stay away from an unpleasant situation it is always good to keep that in mind.

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